What if your confidence inspired action?

What if your creativity delivered those "out of the box" results?

What if a novel perspective is THE EDGE you need?

Where could your project be in a few days time?

  • Clarity of Leadership
  • Clarity of Communication
  • Clarity of Priorities
  • Clarity of Incentives

When combined in good order, these 4 steps - Clear Leadership, Clear Communication, Clear Priorities, and Clear Incentives forge powerful, game-changing wins for your business.

I use time-tested and proven motivation and communication strategies to crush confusion, make progress, and score results. You gain diamond-edged insights essential for cutting through barriers and risks.

You benefit from 40 years experience with small businesses, NASA, the Department of the Interior, Medical Centers and Non-Profits. My time-tested motivation and communication strategies are tempered with certifications in Scrum Agile, LEAN Six Sigma, Myers-Briggs and Gamification to develop an organization, project, or people with a laser beam on success.