Facts About Me

I am the best listener you will ever meet. I often hear |in|. Get it?
I am your basic geek nerd. I know too much about too little to make much money about what I know too much to tell.
Advocate and Apologist for Introverts everywhere.

Translator to members of the Early Majority on Gamification, Lean Six Sigma, Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, Agile Scrum and Social Media. 

I was a life-long Texan…except for that 18 months in New Mexico when I was about 5, but I prefer to ignore it. My professional career began as a Public Speaking teaching assistant at Texas A&M and, upon receiving a M.A. in Speech Communication, I was offered a position as a visiting instructor of Communication at my alma mater, McMurry University. Where I taught communication classes:
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Group Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication Criticism
during my stint at those two fine Texas universities.
My life-long Texan status changed when I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999 to begin a career in Organization Development at California Pacific Medical Center. 
In 2005, I landed in Huntsville, AL working for a contractor to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center as a Senior Organization Development Specialist in the role as a change manager for SAP implementations in the Center’s finance, procurement, center operations, human capital, and corporate travel.
Prior to returning to finish my BA in 1991, I made my living as:
  • the owner of a general store (hardware and dry goods) in Aspermont, Texas (my hometown)
  • a book and record store owner and/or manager
  • a record warehouse distributor
  • a DJ in discos, nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, and 10 months as a DJ/manager in an exotic dance club
  • door-to-door vacuum cleaner sales
  • night-time radio DJ for a classic country music station
  • a college newspaper writer and/or editor
  • Montgomery Wards commission sales
I love to:
  • talk “shop”
  • watch TV cooking shows
  • dance the two-step, waltz, jitterbug, and industrial house music
  • attend events where raw, positive emotions, irony and humor are present
  • take photographs of waterfalls
I had three life-altering epiphanies.
  1. One emerged from reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and author Robert Persig’s treatment of Quality.
  2. I was doing research reading and writing a paper on Time as non-verbal communication (chronemics). The solidity of reality left me for a few hours.  Very challenging.
  3. My discovery that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Motivation, aka Self-Actualization, is incomplete and found inside the prepositions creating an additional hierarchy that exists in the realm of social influence and context.  Very nuanced and insightful into social motivations of humans, fixing motivation psychology firmly in place.
I know that I have a strong affinity to Plato’s philosophy and an admiration or appreciation for Aristotle’s.
I consider myself to be an early adopter of technology, computers, and an internet-working guru. E-mail, Web Sites, Social Network Analysis, Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, Spoke, MySpace, Friendster, Tribe, Yahoo 360, Orkut. I was there early on.
Back in the day (old school) I was a top-flight night-club DJ for 13 years. 
  • Disco
  • Rock
  • Lounge
  • Exotic Dance
  • Country
If there was dancin’, I played the music. It was almost always my second job. Finally, led to a two-year gig in radio. Quit when I decided I didn’t want to be 40-year-old DJ and went back to get my degrees.
Finally, I am a life-long bachelor who probably ought to get married. 
I am still learning to:
  • be a team player
  • be courageous
  • speak well of others
  • speak well of myself
  • speak well of my passions
  • act naturally schmoozing at cocktail parties and networking events